At Restoration Specialties Co we will bring out the beauty and natural elegance of marble surfaces and help you show off the durability and strength of granite. We are able to service all types of natural stone.

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Marble Surfaces Commercial & Condominium Lobbies Residential Properties

Terrazzo is among the most durable floor surfaces available. It is used in high traffic areas such as school and apartment building corridors and commercial buildings with great success. Restoration Specialties can restore terrazzo to its original beauty.

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Terrazzo Before Terrazzo After Stairs Before Stairs After

Transform concrete into a highly-polished, hardened, decorative floor. It will stand the test of time. You can choose from three levels of polish, with dependable stain resistance and guaranteed durability. When you want a concrete floor restored, trust the work to Restoration Specialties.

Concrete based terrazzo can be treated with the same process used to polish concrete. This will give a highly polished, stain resistant and durable surface. The floor no longer requires wax floor finishes and maintenance costs are reduced.

NOTE: This floor is particularly suited to 'Green Buildings' where chemical use and the use of floor finishes is kept to a minimum.

We're changing the way you see concrete.

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tile, although very durable, can lose its lustre and start to look drab over time. Our ceramic tile polishing process can restore the lustre to worn or dull tiles, providing that the glaze has not been damaged.

Porcelain tile can be polished to restore its lustre. Scratches can be removed on some porcelain tile and the tile can be re-polished. All porcelain tile should be impregnated to reduce its ability to absorb stains and to make it more cleanable.

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Crystal Seal is an innovative and effective process for sealing ceramic and porcelain tile grout. Grouts come in 3 basic types - Sand Based, Non-Sanded, and Epoxy. (Epoxy grout will not absorb stains, although stains may sit on the surface of this grout.) Sealing will make grout resistant to staining in cafeterias, washrooms, vestibules and entrances, etc.

Crystal Seal maintains the appearance of grout by minimizing the penetration of stains into the grout joints. This makes grout joints more cleanable and makes the use of harsh chemicals unnecessary.

An epoxy grout colorant/sealer may be used for renewing the colour of grout that has become discoloured and stained over time.

Unprotected Joint

- Soils & stains will penetrate the grout joint.

- Cleaning will remove surface residues but the joint will be stained
Protected Joint

- Soils & stains will penetrate the grout joint.

- Cleaning will remove surface residues but a shadow stain will remain in the joint
Epoxy Colorant Protection

- Soils & stains will NOT penetrate the grout joint.

- Common spills and dirt may be wiped off the joint surface. (Harsh and abrasive chemicals may damage the epoxy sealer.)

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Before Sealing After Sealing Before Restoring After Restoring
Before Sealing After Sealing Floor After Cleaning Floor After Sealing
Grout Sample 1 Grout Sample 2 Grout Sample 3  
All grouting can be cleaned and sealed with an epoxy sealer. Grouting will be protected from staining and becomes easier to clean.
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